Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas projects

Oh I am so pleased that December is here and I can finally start to slow down with work. This has been such a busy year and 2012 looks set to be just as busy. In the meantime though, I am looking forward to tidying and cleaning my house in preparation for the Christmas tree and decorations...I love going out to choose a tree, it takes me forever though as I choose about 10, then narrow it down to five, then three, then two and finally...I decide!
Talking of Christmas trees, we made an Advent calendar at my craft club two weeks ago using a Christmas tree cake stand as the base. With the help of my Cricut machine, I cut 8 small boxes for the top layer. The middle and bottom layers needed bigger boxes so I had to make templates for these. To cut a long story short, I spent two days cutting out 160 small boxes on the Cricut and then copied 320 larger boxes on my scanner then printed them out! That's 480 boxes in total and that was before decorating them and cutting out the numbers too.
I think my craft group enjoyed making them though so I thought I would share a photo with you here.
Hope you like it too x

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Clare said...

Oh my word...Sheila Halliwell blogged! *faint* xxxx