Friday, 15 January 2010

Well I am a little sad today because the temperature has risen and it has started to rain and you know what that means.....the snow is disappearing fast and I don't want it to go! I love snow so much and have been in my element over the last few weeks as it's got deeper and deeper.
On the photo you will see our garden at the back all wintry and cold. We even made a sledge run from the top of our hill (in front of the summerhouse) right down to the patio at the bottom of the hill. It was fab and I had a great time with my hubby, niece Stephanie and her partner Anthony. She couldn't join in as she is 8 months pregnant and my husband preferred to stand at the bottom of the ski run with a glass of cider! was down to me and Anthony to hit the sledge! It was minus 5 at the time so we were pretty cold. As you can see from our thermometer in the picture, it did actually get to minus 9 by the next morning at!

Well, I will sign off for now. I need to go and get the oven warming for tea and do a bit of final prep for my demo tomorrow.
Bye for now, Sheila x

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Clare said...

Upate your blog - it ain't snowed in ages!!!

Love, Clare x