Thursday, 21 May 2009

Craft Club Anniversary

Last night at Craft club we celebrated 2 years of being together which is fantastic. A big Thank you to all the lovely ladies who have crafted every Wednesday and made our club a fun and enjoyable place to be.
We all had cake (as you can see from the above photo) to celebrate our anniversary and to officially name our club 'Meet the Flockers'. We now all have a membership card each and an official tattoo on our that's just a joke!!! We don't have tattoos!
I also received the most beautiful bunch of roses from one of the members and they are now in full bloom on the fireplace. Thank you Nicki!!

We have extremely heavy rain here today so I think I will stay home and either craft or tidy up, I can't decide...maybe a bit of both as I have the house to myself. My husband left here at 6am this morning to be in Harrogate for 9. He is a professional musician and is playing for an award ceremony tonight hosted by Lenny Henry, so he has an all day rehearsal before the show in the evening. He will be shattered when he gets back at 2 in the morning. No doubt he will want to give me all the details on his return, even if it's 2am, he likes to tell me EVERYTHING that happened over the course of the day. I can't wait!!!!
Hope you all have a good day today wherever you are.
Sheila x