Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sometimes life can be cruel.

I have had a strange day today. On Sunday, we heard that a friend of ours who was diagnosed recently with MS had taken a turn for the worse and was seriously ill in hospital. He is only 30 and after hearing the news I just haven't been able to get him out of my mind. So I nipped up to the hospital this afternoon. He is really ill and I can't believe the change in him since January. I sat by his bedside today and spoke to him even though he was sleeping all the time and in the last 2 hours of me sitting here thinking about him, I feel really down and upset about him. My head aches with fighting back my tears so now I am having a little cry about him after speaking to his Dad on the phone.
I really hope that he can find some strength from somewhere to help in what might be a long recovery process. We have to stay hopeful and keep our fingers crossed.

I don't want to end my post with unhappy news so I will tell you about a lovely craft shop in a local town which a friend told me about 2 weeks ago. It seems like the shop has been open for two years and I had absolutely no idea!! So I paid a visit there and it is very nice with pleasant staff, lots of stock and tonnes of stamps.....so I will be visiting there again and telling everyone about it. They have also just opened a Coffee Shop within the Craft store so what could be better? Coffee, cake and crafting all at the same time.............JOY! 
Bye for now, Sheila x

Project of the week

For those of you who are Do Crafts followers, you may have already seen my card for this week over on the website. This project had to mainly feature the Quickutz Squeeze so I cut the letters from it but also cut around the metal dies to create the little 'Course work' file. Add some rub-ons and a couple of tiny jump rings and 'Hey Presto'...your completed ring binder! Cocktail sticks were used to make the pencils and pen. A bit of vellum around the cocktail stick and some silver outline sticker borders brought the miniature pen to life which I was really pleased about. There's no greater joy than fiddling around with tiny bits and pieces to come up with something fun. I would love to be the person who was put on a desert island with a hut to build...I would be in my element!!!
Anyway, I had better get some sleep now, it's bedtime again. 
Goodnight x