Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Craft Club Charity evening

Been a busy week for me for lots of reasons but we were extremely busy at my club tonight because we had decided to merge two events into one. The ladies at the club were making cards for the Marie Curie Appeal which is run by Do Crafts every year. Also, my nephew and his friend had been making bookmarks for 2 weeks to try and raise money for Red Nose Day. This was a fantastic idea considering they had thought it up themselves (they are only 5 and 6 years old!) and they have been buzzing with excitement all week since I said they could come and sell them at my craft club this evening! Anyway it all went well and they made quite a bit of money but not sure on the total raised yet! They did a bit of crafting with us too so all in all it was a good night for everyone. They had made some signs to place on their stall, one which read 'Buy 1 bookmark for £1.10 or buy 2 for £35 or buy 3 for £14, All money welcome Thank you'.....this made us all laugh as you can imagine! Bless their little hearts.
Anyway we all enjoyed it and the ladies made some lovely cards to be sent to Do Crafts for the Marie Curie Appeal as you can see from the picture.

So a big Thank you to both the children and my ladies for all their hard work in supporting these good causes.