Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Christmas and Spring in February?

This morning when I stepped out onto the patio in my pyjamas for a breath of fresh air, I could see a Thrush sitting on the branch of our tree (he was there yesterday too). He was singing at the top of his voice with the most amazing whistles, chirps, and warbles. I stayed out there (freezing) just to enjoy his birdsong as I couldn't believe how beautiful he looked and sounded. To me, that was the first sign of spring and the beginning of the mating season. I was convinced that he was trying to impress a female somewhere in the distance. At the same time however, there was the most fantastic pine aroma coming from my Christmas tree (which I put outside the house in December because it was still blooming and too nice to recycle). The tree still looks great and the smell when you open the patio door is so powerful that I just have to stand there and breathe it in. If my neighbours look out of their windows and see me on the patio at 6.40am wearing pyjamas, with binoculars round my neck and my eyes shut as I take deep breaths, well...they will think that I have gone round the bend. I am totally sane, honestly, but I just love that peace and quiet before everyone wakes and ruins the atmosphere with engines, ringtones and loud voices.
Just though I would share that with you!
Back later x