Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's february already!

Here is a little photo of some of my teeny weenies which I keep in jars. Teeny weenies are things like brads, buttons, flowers, gromlets, gems etc...how I love them, they are so important to me!

I can't believe that January has gone and we will be in March before we know it. I have been busy over the last few days starting with my demo at The Range in Wigan on Saturday and completing two circle journals which were long overdue. They will be posted on to their owners tomorrow along with my 'Project of the week' for the Do Crafts website for next Wednesday. Tomorrow I have my craft club and then Thursday I will be preparing for my demo at The Range in Rochdale on Saturday. May go to the craft exhibition on Friday in Manchester then Sunday I will be preparing for my trip to Do Crafts in Dorset next Monday till Thursday which I am looking forward to.
I have got lots of sorting to do in this room of mine soon because there is too much stuff and it is really starting to get on my nerves. I am finding it hard to move as every inch of space is taken up with boxes and bags of products, half of which I won't use (impulse buys) and products which I'll never use simply because they are TOO gorgeous! 
There is no cure for this craft disease which we all suffer from and apparently it just gets worse and worse with age. I have had it since I was 6 and am now 42 and the symptoms are still the same. I have heard of death by chocolate but not death by crafting!
Well it's time to get back into the kitchen now to make the tea for hubby and me. I hate housewifery and cooking too. I am currently working on 'how to make a meal using leftover peel-offs, ribbon and vellum'....
See you later x