Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Enjoying a bit of free time

I have some free time over the next week or so to do as I wish so I may be able to catch up on a few jobs around the house. I have got my craft club prep to do and some samples to make up for the Olympia show workshops in March but I can still have some leisure time too I think.
Today I have been watching my friend Clare on Qvc with the Today's Special Value slots every couple of hours. Was nice to see one or two of my cards on there along with Do Crafts' Becky and Jenny's cards too. We worked hard for 3 days last week to make samples with the Purple Cows Trimmer for today's show. Check it out if you can today. It's a great bargain at £29.32!

Next week I am going to spend a day with my older sister Allison as we want to start gathering some information for a scrapbook about our Dad. Unfortunately, he died in 1973 at the age of 39. My sisters and I were 11, 6 and 3 when he died so we have grown up without him and only have vague memories of him and just a handful of  stories to tell. We do however, have a lot of photos and newspaper articles about his life as a musician, so we want to get together all the pictures and information with the help of our mum and come up with a scrapbook about his life. We will each have copies of all the photos but will make our own personal albums along with one for our younger sister Gillian who lives in California. That way, we can hopefully learn a bit more about what he was like. My older sister has struggled for a long time to live without our Dad so I think she particularly needs to do an album to help turn her sadness into what may be happier memories of his life (though short) and share it with her own children. This will be good for Allison and even though she will fill a bucket with tears while we do it, she will feel some relief from her hurting and some peace in her heart once we have completed the albums. I am looking forward to doing it and making a scrapbook to treasure. I will post some of the old black and whites on here once we get going.

I haven't actually posted a photo of a completed project on here since last week so I will try and upload some later today. Maybe a snippet of tomorrow's craft club project if I get the chance.

Bye for now x