Sunday, 4 January 2009

WOW,, how fab is this?

My friend Clare, who you will all know by now both from Do Crafts and QVC, has been 'attending' to my blog layout and header etc because I am rubbish at it and look what she did for me! It's so nice, I love it. Thank you Clare for taking the time to do it. Now I just want to look at it all day, hee hee.
I hope that  now it looks like a real blog, it will inspire me to get some cards and other projects on to here quickly. 
I was up very early this morning so have taken all the Christmas decorations down both inside and out. It feels like a normal day now. I know that you should leave them up till the 6th but my husband Richard is back at work tomorrow and it just seems wrong to be going back to work while the tree is still in place. Once they are back in the loft and the hoover has been on, it will be nice and tidy just how I like it.
My craft club starts up again on Wednesday so today I will be cutting and stamping in preparation for that. I think I am going to do a little newsletter for the club just once a month to inform them of craft events, projects, sales, Birthdays etc. It will help  me remember everything that I need to tell them but usually forget! We'll see anyway.
Right, I'm off to get my day going before time runs out.