Thursday, 11 June 2009

Lots of changes

It's been a busy week again with lots of good things happening and some sad things too.
Firstly, my sister who lives in California called to tell us that her American brother-in-law had died after a short but awful bout of suffering and as he was just 45 years old they are absolutely shocked and devastated. I met him 2 years ago along with the rest of my sister's in-laws and they are such a lovely family to be part of. We are heartily sorry for their loss.
My friend Robert who has also been very sick and in hospital for 8 weeks is now just starting to recover slowly. He can sit up and speak a little and is laughing at my jokes so he must be feeling better! Fingers crossed that he progresses fast.
My cat was ill earlier this week too so we were worried about her and I was watching her every move for 2 days. Anyway, she seems to be getting better and is mooching in a carrier bag full of craft stuff as I type so that suggests that she's getting back to normal!

I am expecting my friend Clare to call me soon as she returned from her Do Crafts expedition today so I am dying to hear all about her trip and what she got up too while she was there. Will be good to hear her voice again.

On the crafting side of things, I am busy making up some samples for a QVC show later in June. I have also started to run the craft club sessions at my local education centre along with my own Wednesday club (Meet the Flockers!). I am about to start my PTLLS course which runs for 5 weeks. PTLLS stands for - 'Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector' which will mean I can teach cardmaking classes in the local college. It will be hard work along with all my demos, clubs and other work that I have but it will be challenging, satisfying and a great opportunity to earn a better living especially with the economic crisis being as it is at the moment. May be able to save up and buy a bigger house with a HUGE craft room!!!!! At last, I think I have decided what I want to be when I grow up...a professional full-time crafter, HOW FAB!
Well it's now supper time for me so I will go and watch a bit of telly with a bowl of cereal.
Good night everyone x

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Rose Charles said...

Hi Sheila,

Sorry things have been a bit rubbish for you - lets hope they get better soon :-)

I too would like to be a full-time crafter when i grow up :-) lol
wouldnt it be fab to have a MASSIVE craft room at home!

Rose XXX