Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.

Yes I am sorry for not getting on here for 5 days. This has been one of my busiest weeks for ages, as I have been trying to get lots of projects and write-ups completed for the May edition of Creativity! magazine. The deadline was yesterday and I just managed to get it all finished and emailed by 10.30am yesterday. I was jumping for joy when I had finished it because it had been hard work. So last night I had a couple of drinks to celebrate while out on a gig with the band I play in. 
Some of you will know (and some of you won't), that I play the saxophone and so does my husband, so last night we were playing at the British Legion just near Manchester Airport. They have a monthly jazz session there so we did 3 gruelling sets of Jazz and Big Band music. It is what I like doing best, along with my crafting of course, and the adrenhalin rush is amazing when you play within that group of 16 musicians. The power of the band playing the closely harmonised chords all around you is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever be part of and I am both thrilled and priveleged to be able to do that. I love it so much I could burst! So needless to say we were on a high as we left the club because the band played better than ever and we were just buzzing! Great!
So, tomorrow I will be posting my next card from the Clare Curd Signature range Challenge. I have spent my afternoon completing it in time for a quick photo in the morning and then my posting on here and on the CCSR blog too which you can see here. Don't forget to take a peek every day this week to see what the card designers have been upto!
Till tomorrow....good-night x 

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