Saturday, 21 February 2009

Ready for bed

I have just got into bed after watching tv since 7.30. Just wanted to chill on the settee tonight for a change cos usually I go up into my craft room and make a card or two before bed. Not tonight though...I have enjoyed watching some of the junk tv that adorns our screens night after night. It has also put me in the mood for a good old 'card' session tomorrow I think. I have some stamps that I bought ages ago and still haven't tried them so I am gonna stamp and colour using my Copic markers (which I have hardly used) so I may be able to post some pictuires on here tomorrow evening.
I have missed chatting to my friend Clare on the webcam tonight as she has gone to a Murder Mystery Evening with her husband. It will be fun to hear all about that when I speak to her next.

Okay I have to sleep eyes are almost shut. See ya tomorrrow x 

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