Wednesday, 25 February 2009

No time to craft

Yesterday I had a manic day because I had to take my car for it's MOT. Only had it for 12 months so was hoping it would sail through. Anyway...IT FAILED...on a broken front coil spring which apparantley is a problem on Fiat cars and a recall was made in 2006 so that the  parts could be modified. After a full day of ringing Fiat and driving to a different garage and ringing Fiat again then driving home then ringing the garage back...I was totally stressed out and almost at breaking point. To cut a long story short, my car will go into the Fiat dealer and be repaired, probably tomorrow then all will be well. SO, that meant that I missed a day of creating projects forDo Crafts Creativity! mag so I am now a day behind. I also have to start my cards for Clare's 'launch party' on Saturday night. I am probably going to be the last of the design team to get them done. Not very professional eh? Don't worry though. I am starting them tomorrow come what may so they will be ready in time for 6pm on Saturday. Don't forget to join in the fun on the blog!

Right, after a busy night at my craft club, it's pyjamas and bed for me I think.

Be back on here tomorrow with a card or two.
Good night all x

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