Saturday, 3 January 2009

Blogging is too hard for me

Well I am on here again this morning where you will notice that my blog is now yellow (to match my car!). My friend Clare keeps reminding me that she has 'tagged' me and given me a blog award but I have no idea what I do now to try and get them on here. I don't really have any computer skills but I am pretty nifty at finding stuff on the internet when I want something. However, spreadsheets, word documents, links etc are all alien to me really so I just lose the will to stick at it and ususally end up eating some chocolate and getting back to my scissors and glue!
What I really want to do is get into the habit of keeping this blog up to date and post some clear photos of my projects on here. It just then becomes more of a journal or way of keeping records for myself. It doesn't matter if it never gets seen by anyone, it is just something for me to refer back to. 
So today I am going to get back to my projects and may get to post some photos on this page later tonight.
Have a good day!

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