Friday, 30 January 2009

Tax return, Arrggghhhhh!

Well I have just completed and submitted my tax return online, oh how I hate filling in forms, adding and subtracting, reading big complicated words that I don't really understand. Why can't I just make the Inland Revenue a pretty card, with my income, expenses and tax due written on one of the new Papermania notelets and popped inside the card!!! That would be lovely wouldn't it?
Anyway, it's done now so I can crack on today with the last bit of prep for my demo tomorrow. It is at The Range in Wigan, Lancashire between 10 and 4 and I will be demonstrating all the lovely new Do Crafts products so pop along if you are in that area...but don't forget your purse!!! 
I have also got to undertake a little 'blog' task today set by my friend Clare on Wednesday, so I shall be doing that this afternoon once I have had my lunch.
Hope to be back on here later with a few little 'tasters' of my demo samples for tomorrow. They will only be tiny snippets though so you will have to come along to the demo to see the full projects, hee hee x

Friday, 23 January 2009

I have been given ANOTHER award!!!

Thank you Clare for this award. As you can see, I have managed to do all the 'linking' on my own today and it has worked so I AM THRILLED, Hee Hee! I can't believe that I have grasped it at last. All thanks to my 'blog' teacher, she helps me out when I am stuck with my 'I T' skills!
Be back on here later today, Cheerio x

Thursday, 22 January 2009

I've been given an award

I have been given this lovely award by Susie. So Thank you Susie for being so kind in giving this to me. Thank you also to my pal Clare for talking me through how to link the blogs and awards together. My computer skills are not the best so I am trying to pick up things as I go may take some time though so be patient!!!

Cheerio x 

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Enjoying a bit of free time

I have some free time over the next week or so to do as I wish so I may be able to catch up on a few jobs around the house. I have got my craft club prep to do and some samples to make up for the Olympia show workshops in March but I can still have some leisure time too I think.
Today I have been watching my friend Clare on Qvc with the Today's Special Value slots every couple of hours. Was nice to see one or two of my cards on there along with Do Crafts' Becky and Jenny's cards too. We worked hard for 3 days last week to make samples with the Purple Cows Trimmer for today's show. Check it out if you can today. It's a great bargain at £29.32!

Next week I am going to spend a day with my older sister Allison as we want to start gathering some information for a scrapbook about our Dad. Unfortunately, he died in 1973 at the age of 39. My sisters and I were 11, 6 and 3 when he died so we have grown up without him and only have vague memories of him and just a handful of  stories to tell. We do however, have a lot of photos and newspaper articles about his life as a musician, so we want to get together all the pictures and information with the help of our mum and come up with a scrapbook about his life. We will each have copies of all the photos but will make our own personal albums along with one for our younger sister Gillian who lives in California. That way, we can hopefully learn a bit more about what he was like. My older sister has struggled for a long time to live without our Dad so I think she particularly needs to do an album to help turn her sadness into what may be happier memories of his life (though short) and share it with her own children. This will be good for Allison and even though she will fill a bucket with tears while we do it, she will feel some relief from her hurting and some peace in her heart once we have completed the albums. I am looking forward to doing it and making a scrapbook to treasure. I will post some of the old black and whites on here once we get going.

I haven't actually posted a photo of a completed project on here since last week so I will try and upload some later today. Maybe a snippet of tomorrow's craft club project if I get the chance.

Bye for now x

Saturday, 17 January 2009

A fab few days in Dorset

Here is part of a card I made last week for a friend who's daughter was 21. She is particularly interested in music and plays drums and piano so this is what I came up with. I made one for her when she was 18 and she loved it so much that she framed it so I hope she likes this just as much.
Got back from Do Crafts in Dorset late on Thurs evening after a productive few days there. Clare and myself drove down there to plan the demos and workshops which we will be doing at the Olympia in London between March 19th - 22nd. I am so excited to be taking part in the show where I will be running 4 card-making workshops per day over 4 days. It will be hard work but it's a fantastic opportunity for me and I can't wait to get stuck into preparing my samples and instructions.
Do Crafts headquarters is a fantastic place with lots of people  working hard in the office on all kinds of designs and projects along with everything else that makes a place like that run smoothly. There is a huge warehouse with millions of craft products on shelves from floor to ceiling and lorries in the delivery bay being filled with orders from dawn to dusk. It is a crafters dream!!!
It  was also nice to meet many of the Do Crafts team in person at last. We ate in the hotel together and met for breakfast too before going to the office. After all the meetings and serious stuff, Clare and I went to the 'Bournemouth Asda' before walking along the beach to collect some huge shells. We also overdosed on impressions and laughter as usual so all in all it was a great trip. 
I spent 2 out of 3 days in the craft room making cards for Clare to take to QVC on Tuesday. Another couple of designers were drafted in too to help out with the samples so it was all hands on deck churning out cards, scrap pages and boxes! So make sure you tune in to QVC on Tuesday morning from 12am onwards to see Clare in action!

Off to put some salmon in the oven for tea now. Bye for now x

Saturday, 10 January 2009

For chocolate lovers everywhere

Here's a card I made on Thursday evening with some goodies that I bought in September and hadn't had chance to use. I did a bit of cutting and decoupage, a bit of punching and sanding then added a bit of sparkle, some pearls and some stickles to finish it off. I hope you like it.
By the way, I always dress like the girl on the card when I eat chocolate too, hee hee!

Friday, 9 January 2009

I can feel some excitement brewing...

That's because next week I am going down to Do Crafts Headquarters in Dorset. Clare and I  will drive down there on Monday and return on Thursday. I have been asked by Do Crafts to do the card making workshops at the Olympia show in London between March the 19th - 22nd. This is a big opportunity for me and I am thrilled to have been asked. So I am a little nervous but also excited at the prospect of doing a big show but it will be great and I can't wait to get planning some cards for the event. 
Today I have had a free day so been shopping, done some washing, changed the bed and tidied my craft room. After tea, I am hoping to finish a card which I started last night so if I complete it, I will post a photo of it on here later.
Better go and check the oven, got a lovely meat loaf cooking.
See you later x

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fun at the club

Last night was our first club meeting of 2009 and it was so nice to see all the ladies again and catch up on everyone's trials and tribulations, of which there were a few!
Everyone spent the whole evening making the card from the kit I had prepared and by the time 10 o'clock came, there were some pretty nice cards completed. Give out 11 identical kits but get 11 totally different cards made, all with the same layout but just slightly different once completed. They all did an excellent job, they can turn their hands to anything these days!
Today I will be completing my write-up for my projects which are to feature in the March issue of 'Creativity'. Deadline is tomorrow so that needs to be emailed asap. I will then be able to delve into my new demo kit and start experimenting with the new Papermania and Anitas products, not forgetting the Forever Friends range too of course.
I will also nip to the opticians as my eyes have slightly deteriorated over the past 3 years so I need to change my reading glasses for slightly stronger lenses, apparently once you are in your 40's everything starts to wear out and I can definitely vouch for that as I approach 43!

Well, time to get dressed now into something warm and cosy. Fog and ice here today.
Take care x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tomorrow's Craft club project

What a lovely fresh morning eh?  When I got up at 8am, our outside thermometer sensor said -5.7 degrees. Gosh that's cold. But the sun is out and it is beautiful, fresh and crisp...don't think I'll be going out just yet though. I have a lot to do today starting with my craft club preparation, my magazine write-up for Do Crafts, a trip to the post office to post my projects for the magazine, returning a top to the shops cos it's too big and finally an eye test at 3.20pm. So quite a busy day for me. 
Here is a little look at what we will be making at my club tomorrow evening...we will be using some Penny Black stamped images. I am not really into 'cute' images especially things like hedgehogs carrying balloons or mice in teacups because I don't think these events would ever take place, but who knows what goes on out in the meadows and hedgerows when we are busy getting on with our lives! I do like these little bear stamps though, so tomorrow night will be their debut at my club. You can just have a little look at part of my card. I don't want to show all of it incase any of my craft club ladies are looking...I don't want to spoil the build up to our first meeting of 2009 you see!
Better get on..bye for now x

Sunday, 4 January 2009

WOW,, how fab is this?

My friend Clare, who you will all know by now both from Do Crafts and QVC, has been 'attending' to my blog layout and header etc because I am rubbish at it and look what she did for me! It's so nice, I love it. Thank you Clare for taking the time to do it. Now I just want to look at it all day, hee hee.
I hope that  now it looks like a real blog, it will inspire me to get some cards and other projects on to here quickly. 
I was up very early this morning so have taken all the Christmas decorations down both inside and out. It feels like a normal day now. I know that you should leave them up till the 6th but my husband Richard is back at work tomorrow and it just seems wrong to be going back to work while the tree is still in place. Once they are back in the loft and the hoover has been on, it will be nice and tidy just how I like it.
My craft club starts up again on Wednesday so today I will be cutting and stamping in preparation for that. I think I am going to do a little newsletter for the club just once a month to inform them of craft events, projects, sales, Birthdays etc. It will help  me remember everything that I need to tell them but usually forget! We'll see anyway.
Right, I'm off to get my day going before time runs out. 

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Blogging is too hard for me

Well I am on here again this morning where you will notice that my blog is now yellow (to match my car!). My friend Clare keeps reminding me that she has 'tagged' me and given me a blog award but I have no idea what I do now to try and get them on here. I don't really have any computer skills but I am pretty nifty at finding stuff on the internet when I want something. However, spreadsheets, word documents, links etc are all alien to me really so I just lose the will to stick at it and ususally end up eating some chocolate and getting back to my scissors and glue!
What I really want to do is get into the habit of keeping this blog up to date and post some clear photos of my projects on here. It just then becomes more of a journal or way of keeping records for myself. It doesn't matter if it never gets seen by anyone, it is just something for me to refer back to. 
So today I am going to get back to my projects and may get to post some photos on this page later tonight.
Have a good day!

Friday, 2 January 2009

New Header

My best friend Clare has today made a header for my blog. It's so nice with a fresh 'spring look' to it. Thank you Clare, you're so kind.
Now all I have to do is keep it updated and learn how to add lots of other interesting links and pictures. I also need to start changing the background colours and fonts to go with the header colours. Quite a job eh? I will start to work on it over the weekend I think.
I haven't really made many cards over the last week however I have just received my new Jan/Feb demo kit from Do Crafts so that means I can get started with some new projects using these scrummy products! No doubt you will start to see these products as you go on your 'craft' shopping trips in the coming weeks. 
Better get back to finishing a magazine commission I am working on because as soon as it's completed I can dig into my new demo kit!
Bye for now.....