Sunday, 16 November 2008

NEC trip...what fun!

What a fab time Clare and myself had at the NEC...we shopped and ate and laughed and then repeated this sequence over and over till we were exhausted and all out of energy. 
There was so much to see that it was difficult to fit it all in but we managed to see everything that we wanted to and got some delicious items to play with.
We even had time for a couple of 'make and takes' and helped the'Children in Need' appeal by making a yellow card to go on the 'biggest card in the world' which was due to be completed and erected later that evening. I will look forward to seeing the finished card in the craft mags or even on the internet if possible.
Well, now my Do Crafts demos have finished for this year, I am going to do a bit of sorting and re-organising in my little room. The space I have,  is reducing rapidly due to my 'craft purchasing' problem which I can't seem to control. Everything is in labelled boxes and jars but there must still be a better system for me. The main problem for us crafters I think is just impulse buying and then when we get home, we put the items away and never actually use them. So now that there's only 5 and 1/2 weeks till Christmas, it is the ideal time to have a big sort and clear out in preparation for the new products of 2009! 
So I am going to start today by looking through my NEC shopping bags and deciding where it will be stored.
Have a happy day today whatever you do!