Monday, 3 March 2008

A busy day

I have spent a full 8 hours in my craft room today making cards for a friend of ours. She owns a Baby clothes shop and likes to sell hand made baby cards in there. She ordered 40 from me so I really got going with them today and managed to complete 16 of them with another 12 half done. There are 5 designs that she likes so I am doing 8 of one and 6 of another and so on.
Because I have everything stocked up and to hand, it means I can just get cutting squares and ribbons to size while my Cricut machine cuts the rest! I have really enjoyed myself today and worked hard (only taking a 30 minute break for lunch and 30 minutes now on the pc).
Once they are completed, I will post some pictures of them on here. Off to eat now!