Sunday, 28 December 2008

Gone is Christmas for another year

Just waiting for the 1st January to arrive now and then we will be off again into another year with new challenges and projects. I have some demos booked in my diary already and one or two other first time projects to start so I am really excited to get stuck in to 2009's crafting.
Christmas has been fairly quiet for us really and we have visited our families this year instead of them coming to us. So we have just eaten, chatted and relaxed amongst the wrapping paper and party hats! As for new year, well, My hubby always works on New Years eve (as he is a  musician), so I usually have a quiet night of tv with a glass of alcohol at midnight, that's if I am not asleep on the settee by that time! Never been a fan of New year so I like to just stay in and relax quietly without all the noise and chaos. I am just a misery I suppose!
We are just watching a programme on tv about James May's toy collection from the 60's and 70's and it is fab because my husband and I had some of the toys that he is showing, Lego, Action man, Sindy, Airfix kits  and Hornby trains.....fabulous!

Had a busy but really exciting two days last week in London with Clare. We arrived at the hotel where we had a quick cuppa then set off for QVC. It was so interesting to meet the planners and presenters and see what goes on behind the scenes. I had a ball helping Clare set up her boards and pods with the products and samples. Clare has only done it once before but knew the routine like she had been doing it for 20 years. She is a natural at things like this. As ever, she was completely in control, very efficient and totally professional. I was proud of her...well done Clare!
The following day was great too because we caught the tube to Oxford Street and did some shopping, ate some lunch, then went to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch 'Wicked' the musical. It was fantastic and we loved it. We met up with one of my friends after the show as he was playing in the pit orchestra there so it was nice to see him, even though it was brief. In fact, we nearly missed him because we couldn't get out of the foyer with all Clare's bags of 'Wicked' merchandise...she bought loads of the stuff! 
We were so tired when we got back but were soon very happy when we looked back on the fun time we'd had. Thanks Clare, it was great.
So I will sign off for today now and settle down on the settee with my cat. Goodnight all x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

No snow, boo hoo!

Well, I woke up disappointed this morning cos I was expecting at least 2cms of snow, but when I looked out through the window there was NO snow just rain. So there will be no snowman in our garden this week!
I have got my last demo of the year this Saturday at Craftworld in Salford so I have a couple more samples to make before then which is my task for today. It's just an independent demo that the shop asked me to do 2 weeks ago so I shall look forward to it.  I will particularly enjoy my visit to the Cadbury's store on the way out after the demo has finished...yum yum!
Last night was our weekly craft club meeting. Due to bad weather and traffic problems, there were just 8 of us in total so it was fairly quiet compared to the usual meetings.  We will be having our little 'Christmas Bash' on the 17th. This doesn't involve late night drinking and partying but we still have fun. We do a bit of craft to begin with and then enjoy a Christmas quiz, pass the parcel, raffle, and a couple of other competitions, all with 'crafty' prizes of course. It is a nice way to end the year and my way of thanking the ladies for their continued support and attendance evey week.
The card at the top of this post is one I made at craft  club using a whole realm of products; Cuttlebug, The Paper Mill, Craftwork cards, Papermania, Whispers, Sakura and so the list goes on. Thought this was an appropriate card to replace the snow that we NEVER had!  

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

How about this for efficiency?!!

Yes.......get this.......2 postings within 12 hours of each other!

I got up early this morning and had this idea that maybe I could keep up with this blog of mine if I posted first thing each morning before I get showered and dressed. I will try it this week and see if it works.
Well it was snowing when I got up today, it was just a thin layer though and getting dirtier and slushier as the cars drove through it, yuk! I love snow and get so excited when I see it falling from the sky, I usually get wrapped up warm and stand in the garden to feel the flakes on my face and listen to how the sound of everything becomes muted as the snow thickens. Anyway, the sun is breaking through now so there's not much chance of there being more snow. 

My card on the photo above is one I made last week using a stamp I bought from Dimension Fourth's stand at the NEC. I have watercoloured it using Whispers brush markers and added some gingham ribbon knots. Other products used are Basic Grey 'Wassail' papers, Papermania card and brads, Doodlebug paper frills and a Dovecraft stamp.

Well that's it from me for now. I am off to prepare some kits for my craft club meeting tomorrow night. See ya x

Monday, 1 December 2008

Enjoying my free time today

I was going to go out shopping this morning but when the thermometer sensor outside the window said -3.6 I decided to stay in with my slippers and cardigan on! 
I have sent my best pal Clare an early Birthday present today cos she sounded a bit down when I spoke to her. We will be hitting the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London to watch the west end musical 'Wicked' as her Birthday treat. I am not sure what to expect really as I am not into Musicals as such. However, Clare  has been singing the whole soundtrack to Wicked for about 6 months or more now and driving me mad with it so I thought that the only way to get it out of her system is to go and watch it and satisfy her yearning for it. I think she is really happy now that she knows we are going to watch it so I am happy if she is! It will be great!
This is a short post tonight so I have added a picture of a card that I put together on Friday evening using Papermania and Basic Grey products. Simple and quick to make too.