Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Good morning!

I am having a nice day of crafting today I think as yesterday I spent the day with my mum teaching her how to use her new laptop. She has got no confidence at all with it yet but we are working through the basics gradually so by Christmas she will be a whizz!! She is doing well because she has no computer knowledge and is 76 years old (even though she looks and acts like she is 56!)
I will be at my craft club tonight, where I expect to see two or three excited ladies who visited the NEC show at the weekend (like myself). They were so giddy and manic last Wednesday evening that I thought they were going to burst!! Goodness knows what they will be like this week! Anyway I am looking forward to sharing their stories and hearing all about their purchases which I believe were 'many'!
The Princess card in the picture is our project for tonight at my club. We are having a week off from making Christmas cards.
I am going to try some of my new stamps today and will colour them with my new Copic markers. I am so used to using my Whispers markers that these Copics will be quite different I think. Oh goes...

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Clare said...

lovely card, Sheils. Missing our webcam chats. Get your tag done, go on you know you want to!

Love, clare x