Friday, 28 November 2008

Brrr it's cold!

Oh it's cold here today.
I have just been out to buy a couple of Christmas pressies and to get myself some new black gloves as mine disappeared last weekend somewhere between my demos. However when I looked in the glove section, I only found 2 pairs of black leather ones and both pairs had the left hand missing so I just had to leave the shop without buying any gloves. Maybe I will nip into town in the morning and get some there. 
I have no demo this weekend so I am going to do some housey chores and try to start making my Christmas cards. I have been making Christmas samples for demos since July so am not really in the mood for making more. Maybe I will get some inspiration once I look through all my 'new' stuff that I have bought at the last couple of shows.  I do have one demo left next weekend at 'Craftworld' in the Lowry outlet mall in Salford. This is just an independent demo which I was asked to do so I am looking forward to that, particularly as it is my last one of 2008. I have had lots of demos this year which has been great so I am looking forward to 2009 in the hope that it brings in more work for me. Above, you will see a card made last week using Basic Grey's 'Wassail' along with Papermania textured card and some Doodlebug rub-ons.
This is just the best job ever for me. From being a little girl, I have had to create something on a daily basis whether it has been a dolls dress, a knitted bag, a wigwam with poles and fabric or a greeting card,  it is all I have ever thought about for as long as I can remember.  Now that I have my own workroom with all my own stuff around me, I could happily lock myself away in here and just create until I am too old and frail to move!!
I'm pretty sure there are lots of other people who just feel the same way too!

Well I am off to make my tea now. My Husband Richard has gone working in Brighouse in Yorkshire tonight with his band so I will be able to get settled in my room with my laptop, my tv and my Cricut and have the best time ever!
Have a relaxing evening. Bye for now x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Good morning!

I am having a nice day of crafting today I think as yesterday I spent the day with my mum teaching her how to use her new laptop. She has got no confidence at all with it yet but we are working through the basics gradually so by Christmas she will be a whizz!! She is doing well because she has no computer knowledge and is 76 years old (even though she looks and acts like she is 56!)
I will be at my craft club tonight, where I expect to see two or three excited ladies who visited the NEC show at the weekend (like myself). They were so giddy and manic last Wednesday evening that I thought they were going to burst!! Goodness knows what they will be like this week! Anyway I am looking forward to sharing their stories and hearing all about their purchases which I believe were 'many'!
The Princess card in the picture is our project for tonight at my club. We are having a week off from making Christmas cards.
I am going to try some of my new stamps today and will colour them with my new Copic markers. I am so used to using my Whispers markers that these Copics will be quite different I think. Oh goes...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

NEC trip...what fun!

What a fab time Clare and myself had at the NEC...we shopped and ate and laughed and then repeated this sequence over and over till we were exhausted and all out of energy. 
There was so much to see that it was difficult to fit it all in but we managed to see everything that we wanted to and got some delicious items to play with.
We even had time for a couple of 'make and takes' and helped the'Children in Need' appeal by making a yellow card to go on the 'biggest card in the world' which was due to be completed and erected later that evening. I will look forward to seeing the finished card in the craft mags or even on the internet if possible.
Well, now my Do Crafts demos have finished for this year, I am going to do a bit of sorting and re-organising in my little room. The space I have,  is reducing rapidly due to my 'craft purchasing' problem which I can't seem to control. Everything is in labelled boxes and jars but there must still be a better system for me. The main problem for us crafters I think is just impulse buying and then when we get home, we put the items away and never actually use them. So now that there's only 5 and 1/2 weeks till Christmas, it is the ideal time to have a big sort and clear out in preparation for the new products of 2009! 
So I am going to start today by looking through my NEC shopping bags and deciding where it will be stored.
Have a happy day today whatever you do!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Been a long time.....

.....since I posted on here because I have another blog on the Do Crafts website. However, I decided to get back on here as I like to post some of my other projects which may not always use the Do Crafts products (fab though they are!). 
I have been very busy lately with demos and have had hardly any time to do anything other than preparation of samples, but today I made a card to enter into a challenge on www.regina-bitten by the's a fab blog with some fantastic designers and inspirational crafters...check it out if you get the chance, you'll be amazed.

Hopefully I can keep this blog updated regularly starting from today. I will try to make  it a priority!!!

Here's my card that I made today to enter into the challenge at bitten by the bug.

Bye for now x