Monday, 7 April 2008

Done nothing at all today so far.....

I haven't done much today as yet. Well, actually, I have been to get some food shopping and visited my local craft/flower/ribbon supplies warehouse on the way back. Then I skyped my friend Clare on the webcam and we chatted for an hour and thirty minutes! (which only felt like 20 minutes really) followed by a quick lunch and then a session of emptying and filling the washing machine and laundry basket.
What I meant was that I haven't done any card-making yet! In fact, I haven't even been in to my craft room upto now but there's still plenty of daylight hours left for that.
Just realised that I have also been 'internetting' this morning, made both breakfast and a packed lunch for my husband, wormed the cat, done some ironing and updated my blog so come to think of it, I HAVE been busy. You don't have to just undertake 'housewifery' jobs to appear 'busy' do you?!!!

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