Saturday, 19 April 2008

Made a clock this week and still ran out of time!

Well, 10 days have passed since I was last on here. I have had a really busy couple of weeks. Last weekend I went to Alexandra Palace in London to the Big stamping and scrapbooking show. I drove down at 7am and met my lovely friend Clare and off we went with purses bulging and the biggest crafting appetite ever! We had a great time rummaging through all the bargain boxes along with buying more expensive items and meeting lots of nice, friendly people along the way. We also ran into some of our Do crafts colleagues so it was nice to stop and catch up with each other.
Soon it was 5pm and time for the doors to close for the day so we went and checked-in at our hotel and then headed straight to the bar for a drink and a huge carvery! Have you ever seen Yorkshire puddings that are as big as hats?!!!! If not, then pay a visit to an Innkeepers Lodge. The puds are absolutely massive and scrummy when saturated in gravy!
We got up early the next day and went back to the show for more purchases, just incase we had missed something on the Saturday. 4pm soon arrived and it was then time to head home. I dropped Clare at the station and then got my journey underway. It was 4.30pm by this time so I drove like the clappers and pulled on to the drive at 7.30pm. Not bad going really saying that I drove through the most horendous storm ever plus 6 miles of roadworks at 50mph!
Monday I relaxed and tried to recover then Tuesday I spent looking after my 1yr old nephew for 8 hours while his mum went to work. I definately slept on Tuesday night I can tell you. Wednesday I prepared a project and 16 card packs for my craft club and also made a clock for my sis-in-law who had a birthday. The acrylic clock kit was bought from Stamps Away at the show in London.
Thursday and Friday I did some prep for my demo today at Hobbycraft and tomorrow I will be visiting the cemetery with my mum and sister. There is always something to be done and my days are always filled with stuff. In amongst all these things I still have to run the house and sort out 'home' duties. In my next life I will be a man or a cat. Both of these seem to be the best lifestyles possible!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Queen for a day...

This is our project for tonight's craft club. It is a bit girlie and fun to make so hopefully the ladies at the club will enjoy putting it together. We will ony be using 2 colours for this card, lemon and black which is a bit challenging as it can sometimes look a bit bland or empty. But, I know that even though each member will have the same pack to use, each completed card will turn out slightly different from the rest. Some of the ladies will add more to the card, some will leave things out and others will alter the layout and that's what makes it fun because at the end of the evening we have many different cards all from the same kit!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

At last!

I have been trying to figure out how to allow comments on my blog and it has taken 3 days but at last I have done it! My lovely friend Clare gave me some help but even then I struggled and the comments box still didn't appear, so tonight I decided that it was time to sit and figure it out. Hey Presto! It worked and I am now happy.
Been busy today preparing for my craft club tomorrow evening. Once I have completed our project I will post a photo on here. We will be doing a fun card tomorrow night...that's if it turns out right of course!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Done nothing at all today so far.....

I haven't done much today as yet. Well, actually, I have been to get some food shopping and visited my local craft/flower/ribbon supplies warehouse on the way back. Then I skyped my friend Clare on the webcam and we chatted for an hour and thirty minutes! (which only felt like 20 minutes really) followed by a quick lunch and then a session of emptying and filling the washing machine and laundry basket.
What I meant was that I haven't done any card-making yet! In fact, I haven't even been in to my craft room upto now but there's still plenty of daylight hours left for that.
Just realised that I have also been 'internetting' this morning, made both breakfast and a packed lunch for my husband, wormed the cat, done some ironing and updated my blog so come to think of it, I HAVE been busy. You don't have to just undertake 'housewifery' jobs to appear 'busy' do you?!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

A busy weekend of card-making

About 4 weeks ago, my mother-in-law asked me to make 10 cards for her. 5 female and 5 male cards. I just kept leaving it though 'until tomorrow' so I decided on Friday to get cracking. I have now made 10 and have used a variation of materials and techniques. I wanted to make the cards reasonably quickly so made each one with a different design as I like each card to be unique for each person (even though I don't know who my mum-in-law is sending them to!)
I tried to get some clear photos but the light was fading by 6pm tonight, due to a heavy snow shower, so they are not be as bright as I intended. Plus, I can never decide whether to take the pictures against a black or white background so I opted for white today!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Craft Club projects

I am supposed to be updating this blog every couple of days but up to now am actually 'rubbish' at signing in and keeping things on track!

Well are some of the pretty wall-hangings that the lovely ladies at my craft club made last night. We decided to hang them on a ribbon so that we could get some photos. Each lady has personalised it with their own initial, thanks to the wonderful 'Cricut' machine and then they have added some gems, crystals, sparkles and glitter to finish them off. We usually make a card or two but decided to have a change last night and do something different. They were pleased with their results and were happy for me to put the photos on my blog and my gallery on the Docrafts website. So, that's my next job before I get back to my craft room for another 'session'!