Monday, 31 March 2008

Cards and crafting

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks doing some prep for my Docrafts demos and also for my craft club. I have had some 'blank' moments this week though and have been struggling to find some new ideas. Do you ever get that feeling when you go onto a craft site or a blog that some of the creations are so beautiful, they make your tummy go 'boing' and you feel sickly? Or does that mean that there is something wrong with me?! I think its the colours that make me feel this way because I got a similar feeling today when I was in the garden centre looking at the room sets and the furnishings. Eventually, I got my ideas book out and started to draw some designs for cards. My 5 year old nephew was with me at the time and he is mad about crafting too so he asked me for some paper and a pencil and started to draw swirls and patterns as well. Whatever I do, he copies, especially if it involves cutting and sticking!
I got a few ideas for wedding cards but then realised that my demos for this promotional period have finished so I don't need to think about wedding cards for a while now. However, my older sister is a keen card-maker too and she is busy making wedding stationery so maybe she could get some ideas and inspiration from some of the lovely products I have been using. Hey ho, I will keep the ideas in my notebook anyway for a later date.
I am hoping to upload some photos this week of my cards so keep checking.....

Catching up!

I haven't been on here for a while. As you may remember, I had to say 'goodbye' to my little yellow car BUT have since said 'hello' to..... my new bigger yellow car!! It is so lovely and bright and I just keep getting in it and driving anywhere just for the sheer enjoyment! You will see from the photo why I love it.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

My little car

On Tuesday, my husband borrowed my car while his was in the garage for repair. He had an accident and wrote my car off and severely damaged a parked car at the same time. He was very traumatised by the whole thing but thankfully not injured which is good. My little yellow Fiat was my pride and joy and was more like my friend than my car (I know that sounds daft), but we used to go off on little 'road trips' to all the craft shows and it never let me down. I was very sad to see it being towed away on the back of a truck on Tuesday afternoon!
So now we have a hire car which we are sharing until my husband gets his back from the garage on Friday.
Other than that, I have been really busy working on a commission, an order for 40 baby cards, preparation for my craft club and samples for my demo on Saturday. Then I got a phone call at 10pm last night requesting a retirement card for lunch-time today. Why does everything come along all at once?!!! Anyway, I am having a lovely time in my craft room cutting and sticking and will hopefully get everything completed in time. Have got up nice and early today so that I can get on with all my projects.
Have posted a couple of photos to let you see my cars last journey.....

Monday, 3 March 2008

A busy day

I have spent a full 8 hours in my craft room today making cards for a friend of ours. She owns a Baby clothes shop and likes to sell hand made baby cards in there. She ordered 40 from me so I really got going with them today and managed to complete 16 of them with another 12 half done. There are 5 designs that she likes so I am doing 8 of one and 6 of another and so on.
Because I have everything stocked up and to hand, it means I can just get cutting squares and ribbons to size while my Cricut machine cuts the rest! I have really enjoyed myself today and worked hard (only taking a 30 minute break for lunch and 30 minutes now on the pc).
Once they are completed, I will post some pictures of them on here. Off to eat now!