Sunday, 28 December 2008

Gone is Christmas for another year

Just waiting for the 1st January to arrive now and then we will be off again into another year with new challenges and projects. I have some demos booked in my diary already and one or two other first time projects to start so I am really excited to get stuck in to 2009's crafting.
Christmas has been fairly quiet for us really and we have visited our families this year instead of them coming to us. So we have just eaten, chatted and relaxed amongst the wrapping paper and party hats! As for new year, well, My hubby always works on New Years eve (as he is a  musician), so I usually have a quiet night of tv with a glass of alcohol at midnight, that's if I am not asleep on the settee by that time! Never been a fan of New year so I like to just stay in and relax quietly without all the noise and chaos. I am just a misery I suppose!
We are just watching a programme on tv about James May's toy collection from the 60's and 70's and it is fab because my husband and I had some of the toys that he is showing, Lego, Action man, Sindy, Airfix kits  and Hornby trains.....fabulous!

Had a busy but really exciting two days last week in London with Clare. We arrived at the hotel where we had a quick cuppa then set off for QVC. It was so interesting to meet the planners and presenters and see what goes on behind the scenes. I had a ball helping Clare set up her boards and pods with the products and samples. Clare has only done it once before but knew the routine like she had been doing it for 20 years. She is a natural at things like this. As ever, she was completely in control, very efficient and totally professional. I was proud of her...well done Clare!
The following day was great too because we caught the tube to Oxford Street and did some shopping, ate some lunch, then went to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch 'Wicked' the musical. It was fantastic and we loved it. We met up with one of my friends after the show as he was playing in the pit orchestra there so it was nice to see him, even though it was brief. In fact, we nearly missed him because we couldn't get out of the foyer with all Clare's bags of 'Wicked' merchandise...she bought loads of the stuff! 
We were so tired when we got back but were soon very happy when we looked back on the fun time we'd had. Thanks Clare, it was great.
So I will sign off for today now and settle down on the settee with my cat. Goodnight all x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

No snow, boo hoo!

Well, I woke up disappointed this morning cos I was expecting at least 2cms of snow, but when I looked out through the window there was NO snow just rain. So there will be no snowman in our garden this week!
I have got my last demo of the year this Saturday at Craftworld in Salford so I have a couple more samples to make before then which is my task for today. It's just an independent demo that the shop asked me to do 2 weeks ago so I shall look forward to it.  I will particularly enjoy my visit to the Cadbury's store on the way out after the demo has finished...yum yum!
Last night was our weekly craft club meeting. Due to bad weather and traffic problems, there were just 8 of us in total so it was fairly quiet compared to the usual meetings.  We will be having our little 'Christmas Bash' on the 17th. This doesn't involve late night drinking and partying but we still have fun. We do a bit of craft to begin with and then enjoy a Christmas quiz, pass the parcel, raffle, and a couple of other competitions, all with 'crafty' prizes of course. It is a nice way to end the year and my way of thanking the ladies for their continued support and attendance evey week.
The card at the top of this post is one I made at craft  club using a whole realm of products; Cuttlebug, The Paper Mill, Craftwork cards, Papermania, Whispers, Sakura and so the list goes on. Thought this was an appropriate card to replace the snow that we NEVER had!  

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

How about this for efficiency?!!

Yes.......get this.......2 postings within 12 hours of each other!

I got up early this morning and had this idea that maybe I could keep up with this blog of mine if I posted first thing each morning before I get showered and dressed. I will try it this week and see if it works.
Well it was snowing when I got up today, it was just a thin layer though and getting dirtier and slushier as the cars drove through it, yuk! I love snow and get so excited when I see it falling from the sky, I usually get wrapped up warm and stand in the garden to feel the flakes on my face and listen to how the sound of everything becomes muted as the snow thickens. Anyway, the sun is breaking through now so there's not much chance of there being more snow. 

My card on the photo above is one I made last week using a stamp I bought from Dimension Fourth's stand at the NEC. I have watercoloured it using Whispers brush markers and added some gingham ribbon knots. Other products used are Basic Grey 'Wassail' papers, Papermania card and brads, Doodlebug paper frills and a Dovecraft stamp.

Well that's it from me for now. I am off to prepare some kits for my craft club meeting tomorrow night. See ya x

Monday, 1 December 2008

Enjoying my free time today

I was going to go out shopping this morning but when the thermometer sensor outside the window said -3.6 I decided to stay in with my slippers and cardigan on! 
I have sent my best pal Clare an early Birthday present today cos she sounded a bit down when I spoke to her. We will be hitting the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London to watch the west end musical 'Wicked' as her Birthday treat. I am not sure what to expect really as I am not into Musicals as such. However, Clare  has been singing the whole soundtrack to Wicked for about 6 months or more now and driving me mad with it so I thought that the only way to get it out of her system is to go and watch it and satisfy her yearning for it. I think she is really happy now that she knows we are going to watch it so I am happy if she is! It will be great!
This is a short post tonight so I have added a picture of a card that I put together on Friday evening using Papermania and Basic Grey products. Simple and quick to make too.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Brrr it's cold!

Oh it's cold here today.
I have just been out to buy a couple of Christmas pressies and to get myself some new black gloves as mine disappeared last weekend somewhere between my demos. However when I looked in the glove section, I only found 2 pairs of black leather ones and both pairs had the left hand missing so I just had to leave the shop without buying any gloves. Maybe I will nip into town in the morning and get some there. 
I have no demo this weekend so I am going to do some housey chores and try to start making my Christmas cards. I have been making Christmas samples for demos since July so am not really in the mood for making more. Maybe I will get some inspiration once I look through all my 'new' stuff that I have bought at the last couple of shows.  I do have one demo left next weekend at 'Craftworld' in the Lowry outlet mall in Salford. This is just an independent demo which I was asked to do so I am looking forward to that, particularly as it is my last one of 2008. I have had lots of demos this year which has been great so I am looking forward to 2009 in the hope that it brings in more work for me. Above, you will see a card made last week using Basic Grey's 'Wassail' along with Papermania textured card and some Doodlebug rub-ons.
This is just the best job ever for me. From being a little girl, I have had to create something on a daily basis whether it has been a dolls dress, a knitted bag, a wigwam with poles and fabric or a greeting card,  it is all I have ever thought about for as long as I can remember.  Now that I have my own workroom with all my own stuff around me, I could happily lock myself away in here and just create until I am too old and frail to move!!
I'm pretty sure there are lots of other people who just feel the same way too!

Well I am off to make my tea now. My Husband Richard has gone working in Brighouse in Yorkshire tonight with his band so I will be able to get settled in my room with my laptop, my tv and my Cricut and have the best time ever!
Have a relaxing evening. Bye for now x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Good morning!

I am having a nice day of crafting today I think as yesterday I spent the day with my mum teaching her how to use her new laptop. She has got no confidence at all with it yet but we are working through the basics gradually so by Christmas she will be a whizz!! She is doing well because she has no computer knowledge and is 76 years old (even though she looks and acts like she is 56!)
I will be at my craft club tonight, where I expect to see two or three excited ladies who visited the NEC show at the weekend (like myself). They were so giddy and manic last Wednesday evening that I thought they were going to burst!! Goodness knows what they will be like this week! Anyway I am looking forward to sharing their stories and hearing all about their purchases which I believe were 'many'!
The Princess card in the picture is our project for tonight at my club. We are having a week off from making Christmas cards.
I am going to try some of my new stamps today and will colour them with my new Copic markers. I am so used to using my Whispers markers that these Copics will be quite different I think. Oh goes...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

NEC trip...what fun!

What a fab time Clare and myself had at the NEC...we shopped and ate and laughed and then repeated this sequence over and over till we were exhausted and all out of energy. 
There was so much to see that it was difficult to fit it all in but we managed to see everything that we wanted to and got some delicious items to play with.
We even had time for a couple of 'make and takes' and helped the'Children in Need' appeal by making a yellow card to go on the 'biggest card in the world' which was due to be completed and erected later that evening. I will look forward to seeing the finished card in the craft mags or even on the internet if possible.
Well, now my Do Crafts demos have finished for this year, I am going to do a bit of sorting and re-organising in my little room. The space I have,  is reducing rapidly due to my 'craft purchasing' problem which I can't seem to control. Everything is in labelled boxes and jars but there must still be a better system for me. The main problem for us crafters I think is just impulse buying and then when we get home, we put the items away and never actually use them. So now that there's only 5 and 1/2 weeks till Christmas, it is the ideal time to have a big sort and clear out in preparation for the new products of 2009! 
So I am going to start today by looking through my NEC shopping bags and deciding where it will be stored.
Have a happy day today whatever you do!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Been a long time.....

.....since I posted on here because I have another blog on the Do Crafts website. However, I decided to get back on here as I like to post some of my other projects which may not always use the Do Crafts products (fab though they are!). 
I have been very busy lately with demos and have had hardly any time to do anything other than preparation of samples, but today I made a card to enter into a challenge on www.regina-bitten by the's a fab blog with some fantastic designers and inspirational crafters...check it out if you get the chance, you'll be amazed.

Hopefully I can keep this blog updated regularly starting from today. I will try to make  it a priority!!!

Here's my card that I made today to enter into the challenge at bitten by the bug.

Bye for now x

Friday, 8 August 2008

New Blog

Just to let you know that I now have another blog which I will be using more than this one. You can find it here. See you there maybe x

Monday, 16 June 2008

A big surprise last week...

Last Wednesday evening at my craft club, I had a very big surprise!
My loveliest chum Clare (Curd) turned up from Lincolnshire. Everyone was thrilled when she came in and said 'have you got room for a little one?'!!! I didn't quite know what to do so we just pulled up another table and chair and cracked on as though she joins us every week!
She had been working secretly undercover with Kirsty (Wiseman) to surprise me at the club. So Kirsty came in first and sat down as if everything was normal (naughty naughty Kirsty), then in came Clare. They are bad girls when they get together, a bit like those from St. Trinian's in the black and white films but I love them both. They are kind, honest, hard-working ladies and great fun to be with! So thank you to both of them for the lovely surprise...we had had lots of fun and hugs.
Yeterday, my hubby and I had a gig with our local band entertaining the people of Wigan to promote the upcoming Jazz festival in July. It was an outdoor show and it was so windy that even 6 pegs each weren't enough to hold the music in place. Anyway it was a good show and the crowd loved it so that's all that matters.
So today I am back to crafting and am starting to make 20 Wedding Invites for my neighbour who is going back to Germany to be married. Once I have done those, I will be continuing with my craft room clear out which I started on Friday. So far, it is going well. I have so much stuff and lots of itty bitty things that I have been generously 'binning' many items.
My Basic Grey/Doodlebug/We r memory keepers demos start next week so I am still working on my samples for that and in the same week I will get my delivery of July/August kit for my regular Do Crafts demos so I have a lot to be getting on with.
Better get dressed now then and crack on with my tasks. Cheerio for now x

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Fun at the club

Last night was our weekly craft session and we had a visit from Kirsty (Wiseman) who you may know as being a 'Scrapping Queen' and a fantastic photographer. She is a really nice person and hilariously funny too! We enjoyed her company and the ladies once again welcomed her as they do with everyone. They are a lovely group of ladies and I am proud that they are in my craft group.
We have been running for 12 months now but haven't got a name for our group yet so everyone went home last night with the job of thinking up some ideas for a name. We will get a list going and then pick one from it.....I will post it on here as soon as we have decided.
I forgot to mention that we had a little challenge at the beginning of May. Each lady was given a sealed envelope containing identical products and an information sheet on what the challenge was all about and what was required. On returning to the club 2 weeks later, we displayed them all and numbered them then each member picked a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice, wrote it on a voting slip and placed it in a box. While they crafted, I counted up the votes and then we had the prize giving! In 3rd place was Lesley, who came to the club last night after having laser surgery on her eyes and has now abandoned her glasses...what lovely eyes she has too! Then in 2nd place we had Joyce who is my original crafting pal from college where we did a cardmaking class together. Joyce is a real trooper and gets up, dusts herself down and carries on no matter what life throws at her, and...she is also funny, funny, funny! Then in 1st place we had Christine who has the best jokes and stories that leave us laughing for ages. She is also a nurse during the day and must surely bring a smile to every patients face.
It was a very difficult choice choosing the winners because each card was lovely and well thought out and no two were the same as you will see from the pictures I have posted on here.
Well that's enough from me for now. I am going shopping with my dear sister who I haven't seen for a couple of weeks. We are off to the Paper Mill shop for a mooch around and then a coffee/tea and cake while we catch up.
Have a good day whatever you do!

Saturday, 31 May 2008

New projects

Well it's the last day of May already and as today is the first Saturday that I haven't had a demo for 8 weeks, I have been relaxing. I had a few hours in my craft room and decided to use some of my new Basic Grey and Doodlebug products. I bought a little 'build-it-yourself' bird feeder from 'Poundworld' and before building it, covered the walls with Basic Grey Archaic cardstock, covered the roof and base with Doodlebug crushed velvet cardstock, added a couple of large eyelets with my Cropodile and some Basic Grey Fibres. I screwed it together then adorned it with BG Chipboard hearts, flowers and a butterfly. I am quite pleased with how it's turned out and am thinking of hanging it in my craft room filled with cotton wool balls to use with my chalks. Obviously it can no longer be used as a bird feeder outside because it is no longer weatherproof! Even Basic Grey card gets soggy in the rain!
You will also notice the scrapbook page showing my 'American' niece after eating chocolate ice-cream. Once again I have had some fun with the BG and Doodlebug products. They are gorgeous and almost too nice to use!
The photo is a bit dark I'm afraid as my sister sent it from her phone, plus it was snapped in the shade under the sun canopy at their house in California which makes it a little darker too. Anyway, it seemed to be appropriate to use with the BG Cupcake papers, chipboard stickers and Doodlebug letters.
Have to make a card using these products now. I usually do a card first as that's what I make most of but I just fancied a change and something a little different.
Well now it's time for a brew and a breath of fresh air in the garden while the weather's nice. Be back on here in the week. Cheerio!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Still can't get into...

updating my blog on a regular basis!
My friend Nikki from my craft club told me off last night for not keeping my blog updated every few days. I do forget about it and I have been busy doing lots of little jobs here and there plus I have been smothering my little cat with cuddles after she suddenly went blind last week. Poor little cutie can't see a thing and bumps into chair legs and door frames etc. She is getting better at finding her way around but it will take a while till she totally adapts I think.
Anyway, a quiet evening at craft club last night but still fun and enjoyable with the crazy, laughing girls who's humour lifts everyone's spirits. I want to thank them massively for their continued attendance at the club every week and look on them as my friends now rather than just 'the ladies at the club'.
My dear friend Clare has been on the road for two weeks with the Do Crafts team travelling the country promoting the lovely new range of Papermania/Anita's products and the yummy Basic Grey, Doodlebug and We r memory keepers range too. Can't wait to get using these products! And, can't wait to catch up with Clare and find out what it's like on the road with the Do Crafts team. Sounds like fun but hard work.
Well better get out of my PJ's now and go to pick up my mum. We are off to Cardcraft Plus in Preston for a mooch and a spend.
Hope to get back on here more regulaly from now on.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hobbycraft demo samples

Here are some cards I made for my Hobbycraft demos a couple of weeks ago. I had to make four samples from an instruction sheet which I was sent from Do Crafts. During the demo, I had to reproduce the same 4 cards varying the colours and layouts slightly but only using the Papermania products.

I am rubbish!

Well it is nearly a month since I did anything on my blog so yes...I am rubbish! There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. Been busy with Do Crafts demos and my craft club and I had a couple of days away as well. Today though, before I do any card-making, I have got to cut the grass. So I am planning to do that first thing before it get's too warm...back on here shortly though with some new cards I have made.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Made a clock this week and still ran out of time!

Well, 10 days have passed since I was last on here. I have had a really busy couple of weeks. Last weekend I went to Alexandra Palace in London to the Big stamping and scrapbooking show. I drove down at 7am and met my lovely friend Clare and off we went with purses bulging and the biggest crafting appetite ever! We had a great time rummaging through all the bargain boxes along with buying more expensive items and meeting lots of nice, friendly people along the way. We also ran into some of our Do crafts colleagues so it was nice to stop and catch up with each other.
Soon it was 5pm and time for the doors to close for the day so we went and checked-in at our hotel and then headed straight to the bar for a drink and a huge carvery! Have you ever seen Yorkshire puddings that are as big as hats?!!!! If not, then pay a visit to an Innkeepers Lodge. The puds are absolutely massive and scrummy when saturated in gravy!
We got up early the next day and went back to the show for more purchases, just incase we had missed something on the Saturday. 4pm soon arrived and it was then time to head home. I dropped Clare at the station and then got my journey underway. It was 4.30pm by this time so I drove like the clappers and pulled on to the drive at 7.30pm. Not bad going really saying that I drove through the most horendous storm ever plus 6 miles of roadworks at 50mph!
Monday I relaxed and tried to recover then Tuesday I spent looking after my 1yr old nephew for 8 hours while his mum went to work. I definately slept on Tuesday night I can tell you. Wednesday I prepared a project and 16 card packs for my craft club and also made a clock for my sis-in-law who had a birthday. The acrylic clock kit was bought from Stamps Away at the show in London.
Thursday and Friday I did some prep for my demo today at Hobbycraft and tomorrow I will be visiting the cemetery with my mum and sister. There is always something to be done and my days are always filled with stuff. In amongst all these things I still have to run the house and sort out 'home' duties. In my next life I will be a man or a cat. Both of these seem to be the best lifestyles possible!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Queen for a day...

This is our project for tonight's craft club. It is a bit girlie and fun to make so hopefully the ladies at the club will enjoy putting it together. We will ony be using 2 colours for this card, lemon and black which is a bit challenging as it can sometimes look a bit bland or empty. But, I know that even though each member will have the same pack to use, each completed card will turn out slightly different from the rest. Some of the ladies will add more to the card, some will leave things out and others will alter the layout and that's what makes it fun because at the end of the evening we have many different cards all from the same kit!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

At last!

I have been trying to figure out how to allow comments on my blog and it has taken 3 days but at last I have done it! My lovely friend Clare gave me some help but even then I struggled and the comments box still didn't appear, so tonight I decided that it was time to sit and figure it out. Hey Presto! It worked and I am now happy.
Been busy today preparing for my craft club tomorrow evening. Once I have completed our project I will post a photo on here. We will be doing a fun card tomorrow night...that's if it turns out right of course!

Monday, 7 April 2008

Done nothing at all today so far.....

I haven't done much today as yet. Well, actually, I have been to get some food shopping and visited my local craft/flower/ribbon supplies warehouse on the way back. Then I skyped my friend Clare on the webcam and we chatted for an hour and thirty minutes! (which only felt like 20 minutes really) followed by a quick lunch and then a session of emptying and filling the washing machine and laundry basket.
What I meant was that I haven't done any card-making yet! In fact, I haven't even been in to my craft room upto now but there's still plenty of daylight hours left for that.
Just realised that I have also been 'internetting' this morning, made both breakfast and a packed lunch for my husband, wormed the cat, done some ironing and updated my blog so come to think of it, I HAVE been busy. You don't have to just undertake 'housewifery' jobs to appear 'busy' do you?!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

A busy weekend of card-making

About 4 weeks ago, my mother-in-law asked me to make 10 cards for her. 5 female and 5 male cards. I just kept leaving it though 'until tomorrow' so I decided on Friday to get cracking. I have now made 10 and have used a variation of materials and techniques. I wanted to make the cards reasonably quickly so made each one with a different design as I like each card to be unique for each person (even though I don't know who my mum-in-law is sending them to!)
I tried to get some clear photos but the light was fading by 6pm tonight, due to a heavy snow shower, so they are not be as bright as I intended. Plus, I can never decide whether to take the pictures against a black or white background so I opted for white today!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Craft Club projects

I am supposed to be updating this blog every couple of days but up to now am actually 'rubbish' at signing in and keeping things on track!

Well are some of the pretty wall-hangings that the lovely ladies at my craft club made last night. We decided to hang them on a ribbon so that we could get some photos. Each lady has personalised it with their own initial, thanks to the wonderful 'Cricut' machine and then they have added some gems, crystals, sparkles and glitter to finish them off. We usually make a card or two but decided to have a change last night and do something different. They were pleased with their results and were happy for me to put the photos on my blog and my gallery on the Docrafts website. So, that's my next job before I get back to my craft room for another 'session'!

Monday, 31 March 2008

Cards and crafting

I have been busy over the last couple of weeks doing some prep for my Docrafts demos and also for my craft club. I have had some 'blank' moments this week though and have been struggling to find some new ideas. Do you ever get that feeling when you go onto a craft site or a blog that some of the creations are so beautiful, they make your tummy go 'boing' and you feel sickly? Or does that mean that there is something wrong with me?! I think its the colours that make me feel this way because I got a similar feeling today when I was in the garden centre looking at the room sets and the furnishings. Eventually, I got my ideas book out and started to draw some designs for cards. My 5 year old nephew was with me at the time and he is mad about crafting too so he asked me for some paper and a pencil and started to draw swirls and patterns as well. Whatever I do, he copies, especially if it involves cutting and sticking!
I got a few ideas for wedding cards but then realised that my demos for this promotional period have finished so I don't need to think about wedding cards for a while now. However, my older sister is a keen card-maker too and she is busy making wedding stationery so maybe she could get some ideas and inspiration from some of the lovely products I have been using. Hey ho, I will keep the ideas in my notebook anyway for a later date.
I am hoping to upload some photos this week of my cards so keep checking.....

Catching up!

I haven't been on here for a while. As you may remember, I had to say 'goodbye' to my little yellow car BUT have since said 'hello' to..... my new bigger yellow car!! It is so lovely and bright and I just keep getting in it and driving anywhere just for the sheer enjoyment! You will see from the photo why I love it.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

My little car

On Tuesday, my husband borrowed my car while his was in the garage for repair. He had an accident and wrote my car off and severely damaged a parked car at the same time. He was very traumatised by the whole thing but thankfully not injured which is good. My little yellow Fiat was my pride and joy and was more like my friend than my car (I know that sounds daft), but we used to go off on little 'road trips' to all the craft shows and it never let me down. I was very sad to see it being towed away on the back of a truck on Tuesday afternoon!
So now we have a hire car which we are sharing until my husband gets his back from the garage on Friday.
Other than that, I have been really busy working on a commission, an order for 40 baby cards, preparation for my craft club and samples for my demo on Saturday. Then I got a phone call at 10pm last night requesting a retirement card for lunch-time today. Why does everything come along all at once?!!! Anyway, I am having a lovely time in my craft room cutting and sticking and will hopefully get everything completed in time. Have got up nice and early today so that I can get on with all my projects.
Have posted a couple of photos to let you see my cars last journey.....

Monday, 3 March 2008

A busy day

I have spent a full 8 hours in my craft room today making cards for a friend of ours. She owns a Baby clothes shop and likes to sell hand made baby cards in there. She ordered 40 from me so I really got going with them today and managed to complete 16 of them with another 12 half done. There are 5 designs that she likes so I am doing 8 of one and 6 of another and so on.
Because I have everything stocked up and to hand, it means I can just get cutting squares and ribbons to size while my Cricut machine cuts the rest! I have really enjoyed myself today and worked hard (only taking a 30 minute break for lunch and 30 minutes now on the pc).
Once they are completed, I will post some pictures of them on here. Off to eat now!

Friday, 29 February 2008

Change of layout and colours!

I still haven't got the hang of this blog thing and I am struggling a bit when it comes to adding stuff AND editing things. You will notice that the colours have changed because I have been playing on here so if you view it tomorrow, the colours and fonts may be different again! I will settle on a layout and colours eventually though but until then, this will have to do.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

New cards

Here are a few cards I have made this week. A friend of ours wanted some new samples of baby cards for her recently opened Baby clothes shop so I have added a couple of photos of those. The teal and brown card I made on my demo last weekend and the pink and brown shaker card is what I have chosen to make with the ladies at my craft club on Wednesday. Thanks to my wonderful Cricut machine, I have been able to just press the 'CUT' button and it has cut out lovely little shaker boxes that you can just fold and stick directly on to the card, so no need for adhesive foam pads or tape!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Well it's more than a week since I posted on here and I was supposed to be keeping up to date with it and trying to figure out how to put links and other stuff on here. It may take a while though I think!
I am all ready for my craft club tonight and just have to pack everything into my car. Tonight we will be making a couple of cards each and there's a scrapbook layout for the one lady that scraps rather than makes cards!
Hoping to go to the Papercraft Extravaganza at Harrogate at the weekend. I will probably be meeting my friend Clare there for a six hour dose of adrenhalin filled bargain hunting! Then we will relax with a coffee and cake and sift through our bags to check our crafting goodies and decide which is our 'best buy of the day'! What a dangerous and expensive passion this crafting can be, it's wonderful, I love it!

Thursday, 7 February 2008


Well it's been a nice day here today with the sun shining and mild temperatures. I have been in my craft room all day though making samples for my demos at the weekend. I have one on Saturday and one on Sunday so have been doing double preparations.
My demo on Saturday is in Fleetwood near Blackpool so I am hoping that I might catch a glimpse of the 'Riverdance' tanker which capsized and drifted on to the beach there last week. Thought if I could get a few snapshots, it might make for an interesting scrapbook page!
My craft club was quiet last night. There were 12 of us but everyone seemed to be lacking in energy and just couldn't seem to find enough inspiration like we usually do. Maybe it's that time of year? I had made a card using a new stamp which I bought at the weekend and had put 16 kits together for the ladies to use. A lot of them spent all night making the one card and were all surprised that they had only completed one because they usually make three or four. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my huge box of peel off stickers which they always delve into right away so it was interesting to see that they COULD manage without them for one night!
Well that's it from me for now.....smells like our pizza is ready!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Here's a series of 18 'Thank you' atc's which I made for the ladies in my craft club. They turn up every week without fail and help to set up and tidy away at the end of the night so I made them all an atc to thank them for their support and attendance throughout the year. Each one is different but are all based on the same design using the same products.

Here's one of my little cards which can also be found in my gallery on the Docrafts website.

Welcome to my blog!

This will be my own little 'internet craft area'!
I will try to keep it updated but when life is busy, we can't always keep on top of things can we?.....
I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember. I learned how to knit with help from my mum and my nan and then began sewing at high school. I love to have a go at any type of creative 'hands on' projects whether it be using paper, card, fabric, wood or any other material.
I've always made cards for people on special occasions but began doing it seriously about eight years ago and haven't bought a card since! I do like scrapbooking as well and currently have four of them on the go which will be finished eventually.
I am currently working as a freelance designer/demonstrator for Docrafts and also run a craft club which was set up in May 2007. However, it still isn't enough crafting for me and I would do it in my sleep if I could!
My craft club takes place in our local cricket club every Wednesday evening and the ladies come along and make cards and scrap layouts depending on their mood that evening. They relax with a drink from the bar and craft the night away till 9.45pm when we draw the raffle (always a 'crafty' prize of course) and tidy up. Which reminds me...I need to start preparing for this weeks meeting so I'd better do a couple of hours now before bedtime......